Monday, 13 February 2012

In which I have neglected...

Not all who wonder are lost...

Where did 2011 go?

For me, the last nine months seem to have disappeared & now I find myself in 2012 with an already huge agenda. I welcomed my beautiful son, Oliver into the world on the 29th November (who is now 11 weeks old and is just starting to smile and giggle which is terribly cute!), I also had the enormous honour of being asked to illustrate the sequel to Anna Elliott's Georgiana Darcy's Diary, so spent several months lost in Georgiana's world.

All excuses aside, I will endeavour to spend more time blogging and sharing snippets of what is my life at the moment; children, animals, illustrating and perhaps even a move to London!

Oliver Quincy, 2 days old (2.5Kgs)

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  1. As your dedicated follower, it is great to have you back. Oliver is so adorable. You've reminded me how much I love Etsy and now I've found a jacket I must, MUST have. I want to read Sunrise of Avalon again - it's just so good, and made me feel all warm and squishy inside (love it when books do that). And I really must start the Lady Julia Grey series. Thanks for all that. ;)
    Love ~S. xo